Posted on 05.11.2012

Soft skills - Reduce costs and successfully implement complex projects

Migration projects, which aim to prepare a company for the years ahead, require a great deal of specific knowledge. Thereby, productive inter-exchange between specialists over the entire project duration is essential if projects are to succeed. For this reason, employees with the required soft skills to initiate this communication between specialists undoubtedly belong in the... read more ›
Posted on 29.10.2012

Detect errors earlier with quality gates – Great efficiency potential in the debugging process

The earlier that errors are detected, the lower the cost of correcting them. This is why formal checks are essential starting in the early phases of development projects. Only ten years ago, the significance of testing was still not very widely recognised. Since then, however, things have changed. Comprehensive tests that are typically automated are now the normal practice. A... read more ›
Posted on 22.10.2012

Test cost estimation and nearshoring – improve test quality and lower costs

As the complexity of new software increases, testing is likewise becoming more important. At the same time, companies are experiencing time and cost pressures. Test cost estimation and nearshoring are two very different strategies which can be used to overcome these challenges. Both reduce costs while simultaneously raising quality. Fig. 1: Relationship between test and err... read more ›
Posted on 15.10.2012

Agile test management – customising methodology to new approaches

Agile IT development processes require flexible and well-reflected testing methods Agile, light-weight development  approaches  such as Scrum promise increased efficiency,  shorter release cycles, and higher quality software.  They also represent a paradigm shift in software  testing. Agile  test  management  –  Testing  as  a  continuous  process  in  IT  development  projec... read more ›
Posted on 08.10.2012

IT Project Management with scrum – Improved productivity and greater efficiency

Optimal control and cost-effectiveness with properly adjusted parameters With the agile and lightweight development method Scrum, large software projects are more manageable with respect to functionality, project duration and quality. In practice, however, this will only succeed if the basic parameters are set in a well thought-out manner. Among other things, optimal sprint l... read more ›
Posted on 01.10.2012

Digital document management – The paperless means to greater efficiency and higher security

Wie  man  mit  Praxis-Know-how  die  Komplexität  von  Digitalisierungsprojekten  meistert. Die   vollständige   Digitalisierung   des   Schriftverkehrs  ermöglicht   zentral   gesteuerte  und  damit   wesentlich  effizientere   Prozesse.  Durch  eine  überlegte  Zugriffsverwaltung  kann  zudem auch  die  Sicherheit markant  erhöht  werden. Dass  viele  Organisationen  dennoc... read more ›
Posted on 27.09.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 40 - Using Notepad++ as Editor for Structured Definitions of Algorithms

Introduction For programmers, “specifying” an algorithm is quite easy: They code it. Source code is clearly one of the best ways to specify an algorithm. There is no manual transformation necessary between specification (source code) and running algorithm (compiled code) as this is done completely automatically. This transformation is correct by definition provided we trust t... read more ›
Posted on 30.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 39 - Coding Dojo

The conductor of an orchestra or a choir, on the other hand, aims to bring the individuals together, so that they understand each other, follow the same standards and rules, talk the same language, can help each other - and create something together as a team, as a harmonious team, in an efficient way. How do professional software engineers practice and improve their skills?... read more ›
Posted on 27.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 38 - Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0

1. Introduction The goal of this Technology Letter is to provide an overview of how to work with Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0. It has two sections: First, there is an introduction that describes what the Workflow Foundation actually is. This is followed by an example illustrating how a service of this type is configured. This Technology Letter is intended primarily for dev... read more ›
Posted on 25.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 37 - The Enumeration Algorithm: Finding Solutions by Force

1. Introduction In order to complete a project successfully, several different technologies, skills, processes and guidelines are required along with flexible, open-minded people able to give the right weight to each of these aspects. An algorithmic problem may arise at an advanced stage of the project's implementation schedule rather than at its beginning: it is a problem re... read more ›