What makes a shoring cooperation efficient? Talking openly helps to overcome challenges.

Interview led by Ivana Mojžišová

Christian Eichenberger, Account Manager at ERNI Switzerland and Ramón Arqué, Service Unit Leader at ERNI Spain have been working together since a half year on a product development for a Swiss based customer. Read more what they appreciate on each other and the cooperation.

Christian, Ramón, you have been working together for quite some months now to deliver a product to a Swiss based IT customer. How is it functioning?

Christian: My part in the project as Account Manager lies within the coordination and keeping main contact with the customer to understand his needs, concerns, challenges and aligns them with the Service Delivery Center. Ramón is taking care for the product development itself on site in Barcelona. 

Ramón: Yes, as a Service Unit Leader, I am responsible for coordinating the team of developers and testers assigned to the project and acting as a partner for the collaboration between the SDC and the Market Unit, means between the developers and Christian. Further I am also responsible for the adequate staffing of the team according to the requirements of the customer. Our cooperation is based on the agile framework, we deliver in sprints of three weeks, agree on features to be developed with the customer and develop according to what we committed. As part of the feedback, we have retrospectives with the customer in order to identify what went well and what not.  

What would you say makes your collaboration efficient?

Ramón: The basic pillar of productivity is the communication. We focus on communicating often, and sometimes we even wish to be able to do it face-to-face. However, we manage this via chat, email, phone or video sessions. This eliminates the distance.

Christian: When communicating with the customer, on operational level we do it via skype or video. On management level we prefer to have so called phone sync meetings every one or two months.

Ramón: Agreeing on the agenda in advance, also with the customer, makes the process more smooth and easy going. We also try to anticipate changes in schedules, decisions and resources.

What kind of challenges do you usually face within a project?

Ramón: Sometimes, we have to manage remarks about the performance and the communication. This we try to address and solve through coaching.  Also finding candidates with a suitable profile on the market for this specific project can be challenging. The customer needs to be happy with the developers performing the tasks.

The outcome of the project depends a lot on the quality of your cooperation. What do you value the most on each other?

Christian: From my point of view, it is the communication style. We are pretty much open and direct with each other. We discuss challenges and solutions openly and manage to implement them as agreed.

Ramón: I have a mixed role, being a SUL and a SCRUM Master. For the time working together with Christian, I completely rely on him. This is what I appreciate the most – that he walks the talk.

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