What makes a shoring cooperation effective? Local leadership brought us customer satisfaction.

Markus Rentsch, Business Unit Leader/ Project Manager, Market Unit Switzerland, and Mircea Laich Malutan, Service Unit Leader, SDC Cluj-Napoca (Romania), delivered a complete application migration and UI rework for a well-known Swiss customer. What made their collaboration productive in the first row? Read what they say in interview.

Markus, Mircea, you have been cooperating for some time for a well-known Swiss customer. What is the project all about?

Markus: With Mircea, we are working on a project for a renowned Swiss customer operating in the area of service industry. The customer was moving his application from an old to a new platform. The company is a good and valuable customer for us. This was our first project with them. They have a high maturity in terms of working with distributed teams, so that means they have good understanding for the way we work – with teams located all over the world. We are working with a so called extended workbench, having three colleagues assigned to the delivery in Cluj-Napoca.

Mircea: For the Romanian part of the project I can say, that the project was divided into two parts. First, the migration of the application as such to a new platform and the second was the UX/UI part with making the application user appealing. This involved a complete redesign of the app giving it a new look & feel according to a mockup provided from the customer’s designer team. I was also responsible for leading the Romanian team.

What benefits did the customer mainly gain by having the work done in another country?

Markus: When talking about shoring, there is always cost efficiency in mind. However, we are also talking about the velocity of how the development team is approaching forward and the quality of the work influenced by how good the local leadership is. With Mircea we have a key factor for an efficient delivery in Cluj.

Mircea: In Cluj you have a lot of skilled professionals. Delivering for this particular customer, we have had a team of skilled people at hand who know each other very well and have good established ways of collaborating.

Markus: One concrete feedback we received from the customer was, that they were delivered high quality performed by good people although at a slightly higher price.

This sounds very harmonious, did you face also challenging times when working together?

Markus: Before even having started working on the project, we have had discussions about the set of skills that the people in the team need to bring. We invited several candidates to have a skype interview with the customer in order to choose the right ones. It was really challenging to find a good fit. But in addition, I see this as very positive, we got a better understanding for the customer’s needs.

Mircea: I would say, that there were almost no difficulties. We got on well with Markus and with the customer the cooperation went smoothly as well. In the communication there were some more difficult moments but once we passed through them, we even became more responsive.  

What personal traits contributed to your good collaboration the most?

Markus: With Mircea, we met in person at the beginning of the project in Zurich and we had a good talk. What I appreciate on Mircea is that he understands the customer’s needs very well and he is leading the team in Romania on a high level.

Mircea: I very much value how involved and engaged Markus was in the project and how open he was for communication. He was always available when we reached out for support and help. One more trait that made our co-working so efficient was his transparent way of giving feedback. I remember that even during our visit in Zurich for the kick-off he took care that we do not miss anything.

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