Posted on 29.09.2015

ERNI Technology Post No. 52: Using Docker for Continuous Delivery

Docker is an open platform for developers to build, ship and run distributed applications. Delivering such applications in lightweight containers brings robustness, predictability and repeatability to environments, from the developer’s desktop, to continuous integration, to production. In the last couple of years, we have seen staggering growth with big companies such as Goog... read more ›
Posted on 25.06.2015

ERNI Technology Post No. 51: Using Appium for performance testing of a mobile app

This article is focused on the test approach chosen for initial performance testing of the ERNI Info application. It describes the goal of the test as well as the technologies used. Short introduction to the ERNI Info application The App should help ERNI employees gain access to critical information about the company and work environment on the move, while mirroring internal... read more ›
Posted on 25.03.2015

ERNI Technology Post No. 50: Using log4Net in .NET projects

Probably every Software developer has used logging in some way during his career and also knows how to use one of the many frameworks to write messages into a log. But just because someone can write a log message does not mean that he knows how to use a logging framework. In fact I’ve worked on several projects where a logging framework was used but actually did not yield a l... read more ›
Posted on 25.11.2014

ERNI Technology Post No. 49: Benefit of participation by end users in software development processes

Treating end users as key stakeholders At the beginning of every software project the question arises: which stakeholders need to be considered? On one hand, business stakeholders, who are often taken into account, are the drivers of the project and want to adapt the business processes supported by the system to strategic objectives. On the other hand, there are business stak... read more ›
Posted on 17.09.2014

ERNI Technology Post No. 48: Multitenancy and its support in hibernate

Multitenant applications have greatly increased in recent years. It is particularly hard to imagine Cloud Computing and SAAS (Software As A Service) without multitenancy. The implementation of a multitenant application requires multitenant data management because tenants' data have to be isolated from one other. You are probably asking yourself how such multitenant data manag... read more ›
Posted on 16.06.2014

ERNI Technology Post No. 47: Generating test data for communication protocols and other languages

Situation & problem How do you efficiently test a program’s communication behavior? Communication is, next to computation, one of the most important tasks of today’s computer systems, be this computer-supported communication between humans (e.g., e-mail, chat); communication between machines or programs only (e.g., automated clearing house transactions, API or service cal... read more ›
Posted on 24.03.2014

ERNI Technology Post No. 46: Looking for an alternative to the error-prone C# or Java locking strategies?

Am I supposed to lock this module before accessing it or is it safe without being locked? This is a question that probably all software developers have asked themselves during their careers within the context of concurrent applications. This article addresses concurrency and its challenges using various locking strategies and explains an alternative using software transaction... read more ›
Posted on 25.11.2013

ERNI Technology Post No. 45 - SOLID Principles

Are you interested in software that lets you implement upcoming requirements without breaking old functionality? Software that means you won't hear “but nobody told us (developers) that this would be required” and “If we had known...” Does this sound like science fiction? It doesn't have to be. SOLID is a set of relatively simple principles that, once in use, take software to... read more ›
Posted on 02.10.2013

ERNI Technology Post No. 44 - Focus on automated UI Testing

UI testing is thus a test of the entire system and reveals those errors that are especially relevant to the user. But how can such testing activities be automated? The first part of this article answers this question by outlining approaches for automated control of a UI. However,this is only half of the job: The UI encapsulates a complete system.In order to create reproducibl... read more ›
Posted on 26.06.2013

ERNI Technology Post No. 43 - Merge and Integration Process

One of the most important considerations within large projects is a clearly defined and structured merge and integration process. Imagine different teams working on the same code base - these teams could be split over different countries. Problems usually arise when these teams need to implement features affecting more than one subsystem and embed them within the existing sol... read more ›