Posted on 19.03.2013

ERNI Technology Post No. 42 - Keep your domain driven design in order with structure 101

Innovation is the heart of a company, the reason for its growth and the main factor for maintaining the lead over its competitors. For companies depending on complex software systems, a design approach that harmoniously reflects current innovation and facilitates the integration of further new features is essential. That is why Domain Driven Design has evolved over many years... read more ›
Posted on 14.12.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 41 - ASP.Net and the Orchard project, what else?

Nowadays, the number of technologies for building web applications and web sites has drastically exploded. Although discovering and comparing all of them would be quite exciting, I have to limit my ramblings here not to write a book! Thus, I invite you to discover a technology named MVC Microsoft has released this technology for the first time in 2009. Since then, it... read more ›
Posted on 27.09.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 40 - Using Notepad++ as Editor for Structured Definitions of Algorithms

Introduction For programmers, “specifying” an algorithm is quite easy: They code it. Source code is clearly one of the best ways to specify an algorithm. There is no manual transformation necessary between specification (source code) and running algorithm (compiled code) as this is done completely automatically. This transformation is correct by definition provided we trust t... read more ›
Posted on 30.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 39 - Coding Dojo

The conductor of an orchestra or a choir, on the other hand, aims to bring the individuals together, so that they understand each other, follow the same standards and rules, talk the same language, can help each other - and create something together as a team, as a harmonious team, in an efficient way. How do professional software engineers practice and improve their skills?... read more ›
Posted on 27.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 38 - Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0

1. Introduction The goal of this Technology Letter is to provide an overview of how to work with Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0. It has two sections: First, there is an introduction that describes what the Workflow Foundation actually is. This is followed by an example illustrating how a service of this type is configured. This Technology Letter is intended primarily for dev... read more ›
Posted on 25.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 37 - The Enumeration Algorithm: Finding Solutions by Force

1. Introduction In order to complete a project successfully, several different technologies, skills, processes and guidelines are required along with flexible, open-minded people able to give the right weight to each of these aspects. An algorithmic problem may arise at an advanced stage of the project's implementation schedule rather than at its beginning: it is a problem re... read more ›
Posted on 23.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 36 - F# (FSHARP)

F# (F-Sharp) is a .NET programming language that is automatically shipped with the latest version of Visual Studio. Ample reason to write a "Technology Letter" in order to show what F# is, what strengths the language possesses and when it makes good sense to employ it. Target group This Technology Letter is aimed first and foremost at C# and Visual Basic developers. It aims t... read more ›
Posted on 21.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 35 - Code Performance Analysis

Performance indicators such as response time, resource utilization, and throughput are important for many software applications. This is particularly true for high-throughput and high-performance computing applications such as those used, for example, in quantitative finance and engineering. Software performance is a pervasive quality that is difficult to understand. There ar... read more ›
Posted on 19.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 34 - Silverlight - mvvm pattern and testing

The complexity of the web application has increased. State of the art web applications can compete with the usability of desktop applications while still maintaining the advantages of web applications: Ease of deployment, availability. These kinds of applications are usually referred to as Rich Internet Applications (RIA). On the other hand, there are many. Net devel... read more ›
Posted on 18.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 33 - Enterprise Technologies by comparison

This Technology Letter examines what makes up an enterprise application and provides a comparison of the .NET and Java technologies in terms of selected decision criteria. Without delving too deeply into the technical details, the information provided here should serve as a decision-making aid and help you to select the right technology. Target audience This article is writte... read more ›