Posted on 17.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 32 - iPhone Development

iPhone  applications  (“apps”)  are  a  hot  topic  nowadays  and  the  community  of  app  users  is  growing  daily. Moreover, the number of people thinking of developing their own iPhone apps – whether for business or personal use – is also increasing. Finally, the community of people who have experience with the iPhone platform’s development process is growing significant... read more ›
Posted on 15.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 31 - Unit Testing in .Net

This Technology Letter gives an overview of the state of the art in unit testing in .NET. The target audience includes developers, architects, test managers and project leaders. We start by looking at plain old unit testing and give a quick comparison of the available frameworks. In the second part, we introduce the concepts behind mocking and give some advice on how to preve... read more ›
Posted on 10.07.2012

ERNI Technology Post No. 30 - Ajax

Practical Application of AJAX Web Technologies With the expansion of the internet in the 1990's, web pages and web servers began appearing on enterprise intranets as well. This meant that a lot of business functionality was being implemented through the use of web technologies. However, user interaction through traditional web forms is clumsy and tedious due to the stateless... read more ›