About ERNI

ERNI is an international consulting company highly specialized in Software engineering to enable and deliver innovation in collaboration and technology.

We support companies in high tech, financial services, and organisations in the public sector in improving their processes and technologies. ERNI also helps organizations to improve the added value of their services and products and thus to increase the value of their enterprise.

With more than 700 employees, ERNI offers its clients a powerful international network for innovation and competence. ERNI was founded in Switzerland in 1994 and is also active in Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, the Philippines, and in Singapore.

ERNI provides a combination of services in consulting and engineering, process and technology know-how, as well as methodological competencies and proven best practices. This profile makes us unique and has turned us into a leading player in this market.

ERNI services include:


We support international companies aiming at streamlining the efficiency of their organisation. ERNI will provide you with engineering and consulting services to upgrade your operational processes and software technologies both on the technology and business side.

Our core competencies are:

  • Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Solution

ERNI engineers and consultants support our clients in the planning, development and operation of technically sophisticated and commercially successful solutions worldwide. Our clients value our business expertise, process and technology know-how as well as our knowledge of their markets.