ERNI Consulting advises businesses from all industries how to deploy information technologies efficiently or use them for innovation of their products or services. Our consultants identify and evaluate, together with the contact persons at the customer's, potential improvements and support the innovation process. ERNI empowers its customers to compile a solution for their specific challenge independently. Our consulting services focus on critical challenges and opportunities of our customers. Our experienced consultants help you to achieve your full potential.

ERNI offers following Consulting services:

  • Business Consulting – competencies analysis and advisory services to provide project coordination and guidance.
  • Technology Consulting – combination of business and technical know-how to improve quality of IT processes and to optimize development of software-intensive products.  

ERNI uses its broad expertise, interdisciplinary know-how and vast experience to provide professional and purposeful advice to its clients. We analyze the situation at customer’s site, evaluate possible approaches and develop an action plan. Transparent communication, intensive customer care and regular coordination are crucial for success. ERNI develops a project plan and executes it in close cooperation with the customer. We offer our customers access to our specialized expertise and give them objective recommendations for performance improvement. At the end of a consulting project, our customers have resources and optimized processes for realization of a product idea or they achieve increased efficiency in their development projects.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Holistic approach - this includes ideas, strategies and tactics that you can reliably put into practice. To save your precious time, ERNI consultants show customers simple solution paths.
  • Faster and delay-free project completion with desired results.
  • Improved process quality based on modern methods and technologies.
  • A plan to course of action with the right methods and work packages to achieve the corporate goals.
  • Reduced costs by eliminating unnecessary activities and avoiding “re-work” in software development.