ERNI engineering supports companies that are looking for a gradually extensible development team or specialists with specific expertise in requirements engineering, project management, testing or implementation of complex solutions.

Your challenges:

  • Scalable engineering capacity - you urgently need personnel resources, which are scarce.
  • Engineering experience - you are looking for employees who bring the necessary skills, knowledge and experience and fit into your team.

ERNI Engineering:

  • Requirements Management - Precise definition of the requirements before the project starts
  • Software Architecture - development of customer-specific architectures
  • Software design - further refinement of the architecture to prepare the implementation
  • Software implementation - Implementation of the design and the requirements in code
  • Software development - Installation and customization of the software
  • .NET development - software development in .NET technology
  • Java development - software development in Java technology
  • Mobile development – development for IPhone or Android
  • Testing-finding and fixing software defects during the development process
  • Project Management - Agile methodology through transparent communication

Your benefits:

  • Bridging the shortage of resources - Our customers determine which specific skills are needed for success of a particular project and specify the time frame for which the additional capacity is needed.
  • Personality counts at ERNI - We believe that the personality and the personal attitude of our employees is the key success factor when our customers need on-site support for their development projects. Professionals with appropriate professional profiles in combination with a strong personality make the difference, but only if the proposed individuals fit into the team of the customer.
  • Improved quality - Our professionals meet the highest quality standards and have practical experience in software development and / or in related disciplines such as requirements engineering, testing, project management or implementation of the final solution.
  • Integral part of the team - ERNI specialists and engineers support the customer’s team, follow the operating instructions and show flexibility when integrating customer wishes during the project implementation.
  • Extended "work bench" - ERNI offers shortened development times and reduced costs through active cooperation with nearshore and offshore software development teams.
  • Reduced costs – Costs can be further reduced by deployment and development of low-maintenance architectures that meet the customers’ requirements

If you are looking for flexible and variable capacity to complete your existing team, do not hesitate to call us today! We are pleased to support you with qualified professionals.