ERNI Solution service combines our superior professional competence from different disciplines of IT development. Our clients benefit from our industry know-how and experience in development and implementation of complex business solutions.

Your challenges:

  • Technical Development - The development of technical solutions is not one of your core competencies. You are looking for a strategic partner for technical development.
  • Flexible scalability - Your processes must be flexibly scalable. Your company wants to change the size of the development team quickly and increase or reduce the number of employees at no additional cost.
  • Timely launch - your current software development projects often take longer than expected, delaying the market launch of your products.
  • Better cost control - your internal software development projects often cost more than expected and you want a better cost control.

ERNI Solutions:

  • Strategic Solution Partners - ERNI supplies either turnkey solutions customized software development solutions or provides as a strategic outsourcing partner experienced software development teams.
  • Comprehensive service competence - ERNI takes over the responsibility for the implementation of all activities - from requirements management through software engineering, testing, project management, performance improvement through organizational measures to delivery and / or implementation of the solution.
  • Customized service - We offer our customers different cooperation and pricing models to implement their specific software development requirements.
  • Optimized requirements management - In order to carry out projects successfully, our customers must clearly state their demands on software development and documentation before the start of a project. ERNI experts can support your company on-site when formulating the requirements.
  • Extensive experience - Our experts work carefully and professionally. The interdisciplinary teams are composed of engineers, economists and software developers. All team members have excellent education and extensive experience and they work on the basis of Swiss engineering quality standards.