Staff training and development are the keys to increased productivity and competitiveness. ERNI helps its customers to improve their know-how with highly effective training methods. Our experienced instructors carry out well-structured trainings that deliver excellent results.

ERNI offers following Training services:

  • Project leader qualification – The training consists of a theoretical part and coaching. Future project leaders are trained in a practically oriented way, in the context of a real project.
  • Team qualification – ERNI trains teams in terms of successful implementation of new processes and technologies.
  • Workshop facilitation – ERNI combines hosted lectures and dynamic learning in its workshops. Thus, optimal results can be achieved within a given timeframe.
  • Knowledge transfer – If the situation requires it, ERNI passes on its knowledge to a person or even entire teams. This is possible in case of outsourcing of development activities, relocation of sites, staff changes, etc.

ERNI offers a range of specialized training courses. It may be either mediation of technical knowledge (Scrum, requirements management, etc.) or soft skills such as workshop moderation or conflict management. ERNI designs every training course according to the customer’s needs. The content of training and its location are agreed upon with the customer to ideally meet the training goals. ERNI ensures that participants achieve their training objectives. We empower our customers to solve their business problems and find new opportunities for growth.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Project- and customer-specific training
  • Employee advancement with great practical relevance
  • Optimal team performance and results within given timeframe and investment
  • Risk-free development of inexperienced project leaders in real projects
  • Long-term optimization of the skills and capacities of the customer’s team