Safe mobility for people and goods represents an important cornerstone for global economic prosperity and political stability. The future will impose clear requirements on the diverse products and services offered by companies operating in the passenger transport sector: minimisation of risks and improvement of reliability and safety aspects. Although this sounds rather simple, it does involve far-reaching changes in the related IT development, product development and production processes. This sector’s responsibility is clarified by the SNEL standard published in the SIA standard: similar to the field of medical technology, the applicable regulatory requirements are directed towards the factors of traceability, quality assurance in IT system development, and process maturity in accordance with established reference models in organisational development. Moreover, decision-makers are faced with major challenges stemming from the opportunities presented by new technologies and the desire to optimally exploit all available resources.

Optimal use of resources – appropriate use of new technologies

We will provide support to your R&D and IT organisations as they work to improve your collaborative efficiency and capacity for technological innovation. Our experience in outtasking, outplacing, nearshoring and offshoring, combined with the ERNI network operating around the globe, enables efficient implementation of agile and highly effective collaboration. Our technical experts possess solid knowledge in the development and proper implementation of IT platform strategies and solutions.

We will work with you to create efficient collaboration and IT development systems and provide support during their successful introduction in your organisation. Our services combine superior professional competence with well-founded sector-specific expertise – not to mention an appreciation of the challenges faced by your R&D and IT organisations, as well as the concerns of your employees.