ERNI Essentials - Performance Improvement

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ERNI Essentials - Performance Improvement

Globalisation and constant change are increasing the pressure on enterprises to continually develop new products and services. We live in an age in which knowledge and methods are becoming ever more important in the value creation process. As a result, the influence of informatics on the competitiveness of companies has increased decisively in recent years. The expectations placed on IT organisations are correspondingly high. They respond with innovations in processes and technologies to boost productivity.

This volume of ERNI Essential briefly describes the essential elements of process improvement projects. It shows that ´industrialisation of IT' is not possible without technological support, and in particular that it depends on having motivated people behind the processes.


  • Introduction
  • Benefits
  • The project
  • Best practices
  • Coverage analysis
  • Implementation
  • Quality management system
  • The process office
  • Team enabling
  • Coaching