ERNI Essentials - Project Management

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ERNI Essentials - Project Management

A project is characterised by having a defined target, given parameters (deadlines, budget, resources) and by its unique nature. A project's success depends on bringing together and implementing the relevant stakeholder requirements. A deciding success factor is project management. A great deal depends on the project leader's working methods, foresight and experience. Equally important are his communication skills and the people skills he uses to lead and motivate his team.

The dangers and risks associated with every project can be dealt with effectively by using a standardised and methodical approach. ERNI Essentials Project Management documents basic tools that support a project leader in his daily work and lead to the successful completion of projects.


  • Introduction
  • Project startup
  • Target agreement
  • Planning
  • Project control
  • Estimating workload
  • Risk management
  • Change request management
  • Project collaboration
  • Glossary