ERNI Essentials - Software Engineering

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ERNI Essentials - Software Engineering

The dependency of society on IT systems and their process support is enormous and is rising continuously. This has made designing and implementing IT systems an important task. This task can only be fulfilled if system architectures are based on a process and conceived according to the fixed principles. The key to success in system development lies in interdisciplinary collaboration, with which all aspects of a target system are taken into consideration and an adequate solution will be worked out.

This ERNI Essential demonstrates how the complexity within the design and implementation of IT systems, as well as the superior strategies are reduced and made controllable by means of an architectural process, selected principles and methods. Based on our experience, we have compiled a systematic, compact and pragmatic reference for architecture, design and implementation of software from the manyfold theories and literature, which may be applied independent of technologies and tools in projects and organisations.


  • Introduction
  • The concept of architecture
  • Dimensions of architecture
  • Architecture patterns
  • Architectural design
  • Architecture assessment 
  • Principles of design
  • Design patterns
  • Implementation
  • Methods for implementation
  • Terms/Glossary