ERNI Essentials - Testing

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ERNI Essentials - Testing

Software development is a very complex process, and is set to become even more so as systems become increasingly networked. Although there are many reasons to support thorough and systematic checks, software testing still only receives cursory attention in many development departments.

But the benefits are obvious: Checking the actual behaviour of software against the defined requirements is of key importance. The sooner these tests are performed, the faster errors can be found and high consequential costs can be avoided. 

By taking advantage of the opportunities that arise through this process, testing becomes a powerful control tool that allows quality to be controlled in a way that can be tracked throughout the entire development process. Substantial experience shows that today, high-quality software can only be produced by employing an interlinked development and testing process.

Contents :

  • Software tests
  • The 10-point checklist
  • Test planning
  • V-model
  • Methodical test case creation
  • Avoiding combinatorial explosions
  • Test case catalogue
  • Test automation
  • Test process
  • Professional testers
  • Document templates
  • Test tools
  • Further information