Boosting Innovation

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Boosting Innovation

Experience No.: 64

«Faster, better, smarter» – Innovation management is just like high-performance sports. In the same way an Olympian gets fit for competition by avoiding setbacks and by being proactive, companies also need to be well-prepared for their next innovation. Also, just as an athlete must trust his/her trainer to guide them to their peak performance; companies can rely on partners to cover their backs. In this way they are free to concentrate on their core competencies and on strength- ening their innovative power.

The first two articles in the current edition of EXPERIENCE are dedicated to the question of how companies can create space for the machinery of innovation to be set in motion. «Lean thinking», the subject of the first text, helps reduce frictional losses while improving the process flow necessary to leverage freed-up resources for the generation of added value.

High-quality creative work is too costly to be expended on routine tasks. Thus, the industrialisation of processes and their outsourcing to specialised service providers allows companies to focus on core competencies in their own business. The second article deals with how this works.

Innovation does not materialise of thin air. The ideas are there, in the minds of employees – they just need to be uncovered. The role communities play in the innovation process and how they can be used to the benefit of a company is the focus of the third article.

«Who's in first place?» Keeping with the sports metaphor; only success counts. Whoever brings the innovation to the market first, wins. Here the right partner can make the difference between victory and defeat. For more on this, please refer to the fourth article.

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