Develop Innovative Software - But How?

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Develop Innovative Software - But How?

Experience No.: 61

Software development is a creative process, comparable perhaps with the publication of a compendium: It requires an idea and content, work techniques, appropriate knowledge and the experts to compose the various chapters. The editor is responsible for ensuring coherence, but otherwise the individual authors should be given as much freedom as possible. But how, in the midst of predefined processes and methods, does a software development department foster more creativity that can be released on the market as innovation? Answer: by providing incentives throughout the entire development process to create a climate that promotes innovation within the company and in collaboration with partners.

The first article illustrates how companies need to be set up on an organisational and process level so that knowledge flows and can be shared across departments and processes. We introduce knowledge communities as a means of overcoming the silo mentality in companies and tapping into the potential for innovation that an interdisciplinary way of working offers.

The second text focuses on requirements management, where the seeds for innovation are sown. Here, if the team works with specialist departments to successfully translate ideas or features into clear requirements, structuring and classifying them appropriately and visualising them in an understandable way, underlying intentions become more comprehensible and ensure that stakeholders are better integrated.

Then, we explain how feedback from stakeholders and future users is qualified and fed back into the (development) process as quickly as possible so that the functionalities that are innovative for the customer can be developed further with the shortest possible time to market and without any loss of time or money.

EXPERIENCE is rounded off with an article that highlights how, even when it comes to pricing, customers and external development partners can exercise their responsibility to create the freedom required for innovation.