Digital Natives - The customers of tomorrow

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Digital Natives - The customers of tomorrow

Experience No.: 66

Companies are currently grappling with two parallel trends: With the introduction of technology such as the cloud and big data, as well as digitisation more generally, an increasing number of  processes are moving into the virtual world. At the same time, people — both as customers and as employees — want a new means of communicating, connecting and collaborating: one that is personal, needs-based and tailored to the individual.

A third trend is the increasing speed at which new business models are emerging and established models are being challenged.

In order to succeed in this environment, companies must be open to change. They need to come up with innovations faster, collate and implement both internal and external feedback quickly, focus on benefits and put consumers as well as their needs at the centre of everything they do.

This change brings with it cultural challenges. With this in mind, in the first article we ask what criteria are critical to the success of change projects within a company.

Digitisation means that more and more business processes are being transferred to portals and mobile applications — and these processes need to be consistent. In the second article, we look at how to avoid media discontinuities.

The third article focuses on how to ensure that we are delivering a consistent level of service across all digital channels involving customer contact and retention, and how we can tailor the support that we provide to customers as much as possible with the individual in mind.

Finally, in the last article we consider why a user-oriented approach and, in particular, the intuitive usability of applications is a decisive competitive factor.

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