Evolving a competitive edge

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Evolving a competitive edge

Experience No.: 65

The digital transformation of the economy and society requires companies to raise their tempo. Thus, innovation, both from the outside and from within becomes the motto: doing so means meeting the needs of customers in a timely manner. This means that the processes and technologies within a company should be constantly optimised to remain innovative and competitive. With this in mind, the value chain should be put under a microscope on a regular basis: Which links in the chain are strong and viable enough for future success? What do I have to do to be better, faster or more productive? And which parts of the chain are not worth investing in, if a specialised partner could do the job more effectively?

Because of this, the first article is dedicated to strategy evaluation and the question of how to determine whether a company has positioned itself correctly in terms of software development. This does not just refer to the here and now, but in particular, casts an eye to the future.

If a company is set up to keep business-critical elements of software development in-house, the internal development organisation must be optimised for this. The second article explores how efficiency can be increased to achieve the same quality in less time and with lower costs.

A reliable network of partners complements internal software development in adding value. The third article looks at what the ideal partner must bring to the table, and why trust is a crucial element in establishing this network.

And since we are on the topic of networks: Since people and businesses are increasingly networking online nowadays, a digital «business card» can be the key for success in business. You can read more about this in the fourth article.

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Martin Graf