Faster, Better, More Profitable

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Faster, Better, More Profitable

Experience No.: 59

The fine art of being effective and efficient.

Businesses in all sectors are under pressure, with managers or shareholders all demanding the same thing: You need to be faster, better and more profitable.

That's why, in this issue of Experience, we want to highlight various aspects of software engineering that contribute to achieving this goal.

The first article answers the question «what type of organisation is the most effective?», while also illustrating how the correct use of agile methods can increase effectiveness within organisations.

Article two considers effectiveness from a business perspective: «How can limited IT resources and other resources be used to achieve maximum output, and how can key aspects and requirements such as ‹usability› be integrated into IT projects from the outset?» 

The second part of Experience looks more closely at efficiency. The third article deals with finding an appropriate tool to provide optimal support to the development organisation: «What issues should you focus on to ensure there is no uncontrolled growth in your tool environment, while at the same time meeting your requirements in the most effective way?»

In the fourth article, you can read more on the subject of knowledge, because rather than constantly reinventing the wheel, being effective is about creating, sharing and using organisational knowledge efficiently.