From the supplier to the partner

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From the supplier to the partner

Experience No.: 68

More and more frequently, companies are turning away from pure resource procurement. They do appreciate being able to consult individuals for projects and still maintain their normal working methods. The big disadvantage, however, is that they also have the administrative costs and cannot hand over responsibility to their supplier. Ultimately, they benefit «only» from the expertise of the selected specialist; they miss out on the entire know-how that the supplier also has. Hence, there is an increasing demand for new models in order to convert a pure customer-supplier relationship into a solid partnership. It is important to build trust and gradually draw closer to the target partnership model.

First of all, a company needs the right partner to do this with. The first article therefore focuses on the topic of how invitations to tender should be drafted to ensure that the best partner with the best solution is awarded the contract.

The second article then discusses the importance of setting up a partnership and identifies the key success factors and approaches for starting a collaboration full of trust.

Trust, but verify, or so they say. In the third article, we show the first step away from contracting temporary staff over to collaboration models in which the customer can hand over more responsibility and still retain the lead role in the areas that are important to him.

Finally, using an example of user experience, we show how a cross-location and interdisciplinary development partnership can create added value for the customer. We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

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Oliver Blindenbacher