Gaining stakeholder support

Gaining stakeholder support

Experience No.: 39

Knowledge has become the fuel of the economy. Accordingly, the know-how accumulated today by personnel both in companies and in public administration is substantial. This includes not only technical expertise but also knowledge of processes or customer needs. The most successful projects are therefore those in which the persons concerned bring their entire know-how to bear. As a prerequisite, their enthusiasm for the project must be ensured. If the stakeholders can be convinced, however, and the project brought to an optimum conclusion, the stakeholders themselves will also ultimately be among the winners. The title of this editorial is deliberately formulated in an ambiguous way.

In this ERNI Experience you will learn how to convince the stakeholders to contribute their expertise. The article on the topic of requirements management shows how to get the persons concerned on board in the tricky starting phase of a project. This is illustrated using an e-government solution by way of example.

When introducing service-oriented architecture (SOA) the persons concerned should also be involved. This is because SOA will change their working routine considerably. It is therefore highly advisable to start the new architecture with a modest-sized project.

The article on the subject of relationship management is devoted primarily to the tricky phases of a project. In particular, it presents a number of options which the project leader can use to keep the internal stakeholders, that is the project team members, on board.

Motivated employees will not only support the project, they will also contribute new ideas. The last article, on the topic of project management office (PMO), is all about how these ideas for improvement can be gathered, evaluated and utilised throughout the organisation with the aid of a PMO.