From knowledge to action

From knowledge to action

Experience No.: 40

Improving the development process has never been as easy as it is today. The reason is that the theoretical knowledge on the ideal approach is becoming ever more sophisticated. This represents a great opportunity for organisations that want to cut costs and boost quality.

Turning theory into practice, however, demands not only the close attention of the management, but also the right approach if process improvement projects are to be completed successfully and with the optimum cost/income ratio. The articles in the current ERNI Experience show how improvements help you generate optimum benefits for your business.

Increasing process maturity as a vital instrument for increasing efficiency is currently the order of the day in many organisations. A first article on the subject explains how a project quality manager (PQM) facilitates the practical implementation. By coaching the project leaders and aligning the process specifications to practical situations, the PQM is the ideal bridge builder. A second field report on the same subject stresses the necessity of making the business benefits the focal point of any improvement.

A further article shows why the collaboration between business and IT, or between product management and R&D respectively, is fraught with tension in any organisation and how an established model for documenting personalities helps in understanding the causes. This is what paves the way for a practice-oriented optimisation of the collaboration. A fourth report illustrates measures for sustained acceleration of development projects through the right attitude and selective automation. The ERNI Experience is rounded off by a brief presentation of the new ERNI Essential Requirements Engineering, one of the most important themes in any organisation.