Pragmatism pays off

Pragmatism pays off

Experience No.: 42

There are situations where organisations need a dramatic change in order to develop further. In many cases, however, it is also possible to significantly progress in the direction of greater efficiency and effectiveness by simply tapping into existing potential in a consistent, pragmatic manner. This issue of ERNI Experience presents a number of relevant options in diverse fields of endeavour.

Customer relationship management is one typical area where such potential for optimisation exists. Every organisation has a large quantity of customer data. Using the right analysis techniques, these data can be used in the interest of value-oriented customer care, thereby saving costs and also bolstering the company’s market clout. Customer complaints also represent a rich vein of potential improvements. Using proper complaint management, it is possible to turn critical customers into loyal business partners. The first two articles in this issue of ERNI Experience discuss how you can take advantage of this opportunity in your organisation.

The third article delves into an entirely different area: how the requirements for IT operation can be systematically elicited and taken into account prior to software development with the aid of ITIL. Here, the potential for optimisation is related to the operating costs, which can be significantly decreased by means of operation-specific development of this sort.

Pragmatism is also an important element when putting complex processes into practice within a company. Tailoring is essential in order to exploit the benefits of the process in terms of both quality and costs. The last field report delves into proven methods in this area.