Reaching new heights with the Internet of Things

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Reaching new heights with the Internet of Things

Experience No.: 67

The Internet of Things spans every industry. A whole variety of application scenarios open up when you link « smart » objects to share data. Our fascination with this new trend makes it easy to overlook the following issues: How can you make money with the Internet of Things? What new business models do you need? And how can this be achieved in an efficient, customer-centric and successful way?

In this issue of Experience, we will concentrate on a few aspects that could be crucial to the success or failure of IoT projects.

Networked systems bring added value if they create greater efficiency or new digital products and services. The first article answers the question of how the way in which we collect, analyse and process data affects IoT projects.

In the second report, we examine what information users of distributed, networked and partly intercommunicating things require to achieve their goals effectively, efficiently and in a controlled manner.

The Internet of Things has caught us by surprise with how quickly its new technologies are changing our working and living environment. In the third article, we show how you can keep up with this pace of development, and shorten the time-to-market of your own innovations.

At the end of the day, we humans are both the creators and beneficiaries of technological developments. The final article discusses how we can bundle knowledge, experience and demand for IoT projects.

We hope our Experience offers some valuable ideas.

Best regards,
Stefan Widmer