From a Vision to Best Practice

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From a Vision to Best Practice

Experience No.: 62

In October, ERNI celebrates its 20th anniversary; two decades at the service of «Swiss Engineering», helping our customers to achieve lasting success. The significance of software engineering as a key driver for digital transformation and continuous innovation has increased steadily over these twenty years. As an independent international consulting firm, ERNI focuses on the software disciplines of requirements management, software development, testing, project management and process improvement, and has continued to develop these disciplines, supplement them with new methods and incorporate additional services into the portfolio.

Now more than ever, the success of the company is coupled with strength in innovation and a command of speed and complexity. As ever, people are still at the heart of this success: people make progress possible and benefit from it.

The first article therefore focuses on innovation in process and technology: not only must innovation be generated constantly, but it must also consistently flow back into the company so that new ideas can build on what already exists. We will demonstrate what is needed to achieve this.

Whoever is quicker than the competition in getting an innovation to the market will be successful. In the second article you will find out how to master speed and turn your development partners into allies in the race against time.

Many creative ideas fail at the implementation stage due to a high level of complexity. In our third article, you can read how to break a project down into «digestible» sub-steps and achieve your objectives as desired.

Finally, we will once again put the spotlight on people and examine the question of what really matters when it comes to software development and the successful development of your company, as well as ours.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue and celebrate 20 years of ERNI with us!

Best wishes,
Dominik Bischof