ERNI Project Management

Agile IT project management – effective and concise

Integrated, methodical and expert IT project management represents a key competence for the successful development of IT systems and applications.
This goes above and beyond just using and blending structured, agile methods and instruments at a high professional level.

For our project leaders, this involves managing and leading process-oriented project organisations that can extend across different organisations and countries, based on defined reference models; a clear commitment to the handling and integration of all stakeholder needs; and sensitive interaction with people of diverse origins and nationalities. All of this is done, of course, with a view to the economical and efficient construction of innovative IT systems and applications.

Nearshoring of complex IT projects – flexible and economical

Higher quality, better flexibility and shorter time-to-market are some of the benefits of agile development methods. These characteristics are especially important in a business environment where innovation cycles continue to shorten while the competition is growing in intensity.
We successfully execute complex project plans at high speed using agile methods and internationally distributed project teams. Intensive communication and short sprints are used to clarify the responsibilities of each team member. The progress of the project is therefore easy to monitor. Accordingly, if problems occur in the development process, we can take action quickly and correct what is wrong. As the customer, you retain complete control over the project without having to set up any costly bureaucratic control structures.

ERNI IT project management – success according to plan

ERNI project managers provide you with dependable, target-oriented support in the successful implementation of your complex IT development projects.
We guarantee the following:

  • Reliable and economical multiproject management with methodical and integrated stakeholder management, as well as modern leadership and coaching techniques
  • Innovative and consistent project structures, methods, procedural models and management tools
  • Project monitoring, including risk management, time management, quality assurance – with ERNI Project Management Office (PMO)