ERNI Requirements Engineering

Requirements engineering and business analysis – the key to successful projects

The ERNI methodology for effective requirements management is both a technical and a business approach. Our practical experience ensures that the formulated business requirements are suitably documented and correctly implemented in the software development process. Additionally we ensure that your technical and development departments are aligned, and that your change requests undergo systematic processing, followed by a cost-effective implementation.

Successful IT requirements engineering process – requirements startup, requirements management and requirements development

The ERNI requirements startup – the beginning of the requirements engineering process – forms the basis for efficient requirements development in your project. The requirements development process involves structured clarification of requirements, i.e. systematic elicitation, analysis, specification and validation of all the requirements. We define requirements management as the process in which all changes to the specification – change requests – are maintained and documented.

ERNI business analysis & ERNI requirements engineering

  • We ensure that all requirements – specifications – are fully generated, analysed, specified, validated and consistently documented in a language that can be subsequently used in the development process 
  • We significantly reduce the test cost with high-quality requirements
  • Systematic requirements engineering and business analysis aid in developing platform-oriented specifications in order to produce future service or product innovations/variants faster and more cost-effectively
  • The ERNI requirements engineering methodology ensures complete traceability during the entire development process  

Improved competitiveness through structured requirements management

Using goal-oriented business analysis and requirements engineering, we provide the support you need to successfully implement complex project plans on time and on budget. In short, we make the time-to-market process more streamlined and effective in order to improve your competitive standing.