ERNI Software Engineering

Building quality software economically

We provide goal-oriented support to service providers, industry and the public sector for professional development of high-quality software applications and systems.

Software architectures – the foundation for successful business or embedded system solutions

Besides classic software engineering, we are familiar with all of the requirements related to software architecture: a success factor that represents a key element in the efficient development, integration (EAI) and maintenance of software systems. We make sure that your software architectures are optimally designed, documented and constructed in terms of the required quality attributes, available resources and allotted budget.

Based on our extensive experience, we possess a diverse body of theoretical knowledge that serves as a systematic, compact and highly practical reference on software architecture, design and implementation. We will successfully apply this knowledge, along with our best practices, in your projects and organisations, independent of the technologies and tools that are deployed.

Methodical ERNI software engineering –effective development of better IT systems

Our software engineers and consultants will help you to:

  • Create comprehensive concepts for making architectural decisions that will be robust and agile in the long term, and to also fully document and construct these concepts
  • Successfully improve the quality of your architecture, design and development projects using existing resources, and simultaneously reduce the development time for applications and systems
  • Achieve significant cost reductions by using and developing low-maintenance architectures that satisfy the applicable requirements 

Our intelligent model for software and systems engineering is based on the core disciplines of classic software development. Of course, this includes proven methods of interdisciplinary co-operation, such as considering all aspects of the target system, your specific requirements and associated influencing factors. 

We know how to manage and reduce the complexity associated with the conception and realisation of IT systems and higher-level strategies. We achieve this by using the software architecture process as well as selected principles and methods. In addition, we manage all of the interdisciplinary activities, starting with requirements engineering and including testing, agile IT project management and IT process improvement measures. We do all of this based on our experience, vision and understanding people, systems and the specific requirements of your organisation.