Development Partnerships

ERNI understands the strategic importance of a long-term partnership in software development. We develop sustainable business solutions that meet the increasingly complex needs of consumers. Selecting a partner is a strategic decision that has a lasting impact on your business.

Your challenges:

  • Resource shortage: Recruitment and hiring the right employees with the required skills and relevant experience is a major challenge for every company.
  • Software development is not one of your areas of expertise. For this reason, your company has decided to look for a strategic partner.
  • Lack of experience: Your company does not have the specialist knowledge required to set up and organize software development partnerships.
  • Internal cost pressure: Global competition is forcing your business to reduce software development costs.
  • Timely launch: Your current software development projects often take longer than expected and delay the launch of your products.

ERNI Solutions:

  • Strategic solution partner: ERNI is specialized in setting up and organizing effective partnerships in software development. We offer a lasting strategic partnership in close collaboration with your internal teams.
  • Innovative process optimization and technology: ERNI allows your company to promote innovations effectively and in a lasting manner by using software. The goal is to shorten time to market and to maximize value for end users by providing new functions.
  • Full service: We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your application - from the initial idea to its disappearance from the market.
  • Proven and tested procedure: Our approach consists of four closely related phases of cooperation: governance, development, operation, and maintenance.
  • Extensive experience: Our teams have broad experience in the development of business solutions, which they have gained at various companies of different sizes and with a wide rage of requirements.
  • Full commitment: ERNI provides your organization a dedicated team of software developers who work either on-site, nearshore or offshore. Wherever they are, they always work closely with your internal teams.

If you are looking for a strategic partner for software development, talk to us. We would be pleased to support you with professional advice.