Embedded Software Solutions

Our lives become more dependent on embedded systems every day, they have become an essential part of our life. A major reason for its widespread use is their increasingly diverse functionality. Use of embedded solutions offers new ways to improve existing products and services, as well as the opportunity to develop entirely new services and functionalities. Devices with stronger and more innovative software components engage with each other better and become even more intelligent. They include interactive user interfaces with sophisticated user configuration or offer simplicity to minimize size and energy consumption.

Your challenges:

  • Technology development - stalwart technological innovations and sometimes even basic changes in embedded technologies force businesses to anticipatory plan their products and platforms.
  • Sophisticated design and integration - Synchronization and integration of software in a device or development in a programming language can be very difficult.
  • Increased quality standards and regulatory requirements - Companies must carry out comprehensive tests, depending on the product application area, for compliance with legal requirements and regulations in order to avoid costly product recalls and thus a lasting reputational damage for the company.
  • Faster time to market - companies must continuously shorten the innovation cycles and thus the time between the launch of new products.
  • Risk Management - In order to be successful in the marketplace, companies have to produce their products even more intelligent in the future: faster, with low risk, at reduced costs and in high quality.
  • Competition - Companies must deliver compelling products in order to remain competitive.

ERNI Solutions:

  • Development - ERNI helps customers with design and conception of embedded systems, to create and implement architecture, and also carries out testing. We use all current technologies and established platforms.
  • Consulting - ERNI provides customers with its extensive experience and expertise and advises you on
    • selection of future-oriented technology platforms for embedded systems. This happens depending on the field of application and the product roadmaps and in accordance with appropriate tools, directories and methods.
    • design of technical concepts for efficient and modern embedded solutions.
    • individual adaptation or expansion of existing development processes in software engineering or related disciplines such as requirements management, testing and project management.
  • Solution - ERNI takes over customer’s system development or a part of it. For this we use different forms of cooperation that we agree upon with each customer individually.
  • Training - ERNI supports customers in all disciplines with educational and training services for the efficient and timely development of embedded systems.
  • Reduced complexity - ERNI helps companies to develop complex software-driven products and simultaneously ensures reduction of costs and error rates.
  • Swiss quality standards - best practices and state-of-the-art methodology in our requirements management create the conditions for development according the highest quality standard.
  • Cost control – ERNI provides solutions on time, within the planned budget and according to the business requirements of the customers by means of agile development methodology.
  • Innovation - The extensive experience of our professionals enables our customers to faster software development and greater transparency throughout the development process. The times between new product launches are reduced.   

ERNI is the ideal strategic partner for development of high quality embedded solutions cost efficiently. We take care of development and testing of your embedded solutions. We are by our customer’s side all the way to the final product, so that our customers can completely focus on their core competencies. Learn more about the possibilities of software development and contact us today for your customized offer.