Intelligent Web Portals / Business Applications

Business applications and web portals have become a crucial part of doing business and being successful sustainably. Use of advanced web applications and portals as an integral part of business strategy provides a competitive edge for companies as they bring benefits such as improved accessibility, portability and scalability.

Web-based applications are dynamic, interactive systems that help businesses perform business critical tasks. And what exactly is an intelligent web portal? It is a new portal generation that analyses the user behavior and automatically improves its presentation, organisation and content according to the individual user attitude. The intelligent capacity suggests the ability of modifying the web site structure by learning from visitor access patterns. They provide personalization and real-time delivery.

Your challenges:

  • Complexity - enterprise web applications are complex and many of them satisfy neither business, nor customer requirements.
  • User experience - A positive user experience is critical to customer satisfaction, retention and long-lasting customer relationship.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - Important are differentiated applications that are cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • Experience - companies want to develop web portals and face the requirement analysis, task and problem determination, effort estimation and integration with other systems.
  • Software architecture - An often underestimated and critical success factor. Important are effective design, sustainable architecture of the portals and the associated business processes.

ERNI Solutions:

  • Experience - ERNI helps companies overcome these challenges by providing them with professional support from experienced and mobile development teams.
  • Requirements management and solution deployment - ERNI helps you define your business requirements and gain access to professional, customized solutions and advanced technologies.
  • Consulting - ERNI offers your company an overview of the functional and technical challenges related to your strategy.
  • On-site service and worldwide delivery - ERNI offers your company a detailed approach for requirements management with an international and agile approach for tactical execution of your projects

We offer your company a consultation process and a team of experts consisting of business analysts, designers and software developers to deliver unique web-based solutions. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements!