Mobile Development

Smart phones and tablets are user-friendly and make information accessible anywhere and at any time. This is one of the main reasons why a growing number of people choose mobile devices for both private and professional use. As a result, companies face the challenge of coming up with a growing number of applications and websites for mobile devices. From a business perspective, this trend is creating enormous potential for the digital transformation of business processes to achieve higher efficiency in B2B cooperation and much closer collaboration with customers.

Your challenges:

  • Mobile users: Business strategies have to be adapted to address both private and professional users of mobile devices.
  • Effective strategy: Choosing the right development strategy, operating system, and approach to addressing the different devices efficiently.
  • Customer experience: Collecting a wide range of user experiences and developing an application portfolio with lasting benefits.
  • Mobile security: Coming up with efficient tests and security for mobile applications.
  • User friendliness: Designing responsive UI and taking advantage of new user interactions (multi touch, camera, accelerator sensors, etc.)
  • Resource shortage: Finding specialists with the right skills to achieve development goals related to mobile applications.

ERNI Solutions:

  • Extensive experience developing customer-specific mobile solutions:
    The decision to develop a mobile application involves more than choosing a technology. It is in response to specific mobile-needs and usage-contexts of the target audience. ERNI provides multi-platform development using tailored business development approaches for specific business cases.
  • Optimised development time and cost by leveraging the strengths of Xamarin:
    By leveraging the strengths of Xamarin, a Microsoft Partner’s development framework, ERNI supports the creation of multiplatform apps with only very little additional effort for customisation. ERNI can maximise the advantages of Xamarin’s “native” application package (sharing between 75% to almost 100% of the source code) to deliver in less time and with less costs. Furthermore, the maintenance of multiplatform Xamarin apps is extremely cost efficient due to the shared code base.
  • Mobile solutions that optimise business processes:
    Professionals and business users often want solutions to specific business issues. For such cases, ERNI can tailor business solutions to digitise on-boarding processes and optimise document management. ERNI’s solutions prove mobility is a concrete way to improve productivity.
  • Successful mobile implementation and release strategy:
    Customer opinion of apps is crucial and a good technical implementation is a must. At ERNI, we supply customers with all specific skills needed to guarantee success of a mobile application release (Specific Mobile UI/UX, App Store Optimisation, Enterprise in-house store setup, Security, MDM/BYOD strategy). We also ensure a high quality user experience in mobile environment with limited resources (battery time, internet connectivity, memory). Our dedicated specialists ensure proper application of best practices, industry standards and the successful rollout of a global mobile implementation strategy.

Are you looking for a strategic partner for your mobile development activities? ERNI will provide the right solution for your organisation. Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.