Posted on 10.01.2018

ERNI Technology Post No. 61: On what should we focus when we implement microservices

Introduction Microservices are becoming a more and more important topic in Software Engineering throughout different industries. They are easy to implement and maintain if done in the right way. A Microservice Architecture is always a distributed system and brings a need to focus on completely different parameters than those of monolithic applications. Deployment monoliths ar... leer todo ›
Posted on 12.12.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation effective? Local leadership brought us customer satisfaction.

Markus Rentsch, Business Unit Leader/ Project Manager, Market Unit Switzerland, and Mircea Laich Malutan, Service Unit Leader, SDC Cluj-Napoca (Romania), delivered a complete application migration and UI rework for a well-known Swiss customer. What made their collaboration productive in the first row? Read what they say in interview. Markus, Mircea, you have been cooperating... leer todo ›
Posted on 28.11.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation efficient? Talking openly helps to overcome challenges.

Interview led by Ivana Mojžišová Christian Eichenberger, Account Manager at ERNI Switzerland and Ramón Arqué, Service Unit Leader at ERNI Spain have been working together since a half year on a product development for a Swiss based customer. Read more what they appreciate on each other and the cooperation. Christian, Ramón, you have been working together for quite some months... leer todo ›
Posted on 27.11.2017

Investigating start-up slow-down in Entity Framework and Oracle

Recently, it came to our attention that one of the applications we are developing for a client shows a poor startup performance. It is a .NET application written in C# using Entity Framework and Oracle as the main data store. The logical first step in diagnosing this issue was to run the application under a profiler. We used JetBrains’ dotTrace. It was rather surprising to se... leer todo ›
Posted on 21.11.2017

Getting photos of colleagues from Active Directory in PowerShell

PowerShell has been around now for more than a decade. During this decade, I learned it at least 3 times. Actually, I’ve always liked the concept but I felt a little bit uncomfortable with the syntax. Last week, I wanted to get portrait pictures of my colleagues for an overview I was working on. And the moment I realized that we have images only available in the Active Direct... leer todo ›
Posted on 06.11.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation effective? Closeness through communication and trust.

Interview led by Ivana Mojžišová The collaboration between Ladislav Guniš, Service Unit Leader, Service Delivery Center (SDC) Bratislava, Slovakia and Benjamin Joseph Sarile, Senior Software Developer, SDC Manila, Philippines shows that even though you may not have met in person ever, you can have an efficient cooperation and communication. Read more about the project deliver... leer todo ›
Posted on 25.10.2017

Asynchronous REST services with Jersey 2.26+

As you know, Java EE 8 has been released with the JAX-RS 2.1 (JSR 370) specification supporting asynchronous non-blocking REST services. This is a great improvement to the API going together with Reactive streams, which were added to recently released Java 9. This has been greatly expected as it can improve the availability of our Java web servers a lot. Jersey 2.26 is out im... leer todo ›
Posted on 19.10.2017

New blog series: What makes a shoring cooperation productive

With a video about the shoring collaboration between Darina Stipula, Service Delivery Center Bratislava and Carlo Cronauer, Market Unit Switzerland we are starting a new series with colleagues talking about factors that make cooperations between distributed teams productive and efficient. Watch now! About our Service Delivery Centers We have four Software Delivery Centres i... leer todo ›
Posted on 16.10.2017

ERNI Technology Post No. 60: ASP .NET core as an easy cross-platform solution

The .NET Core framework has been here for some time and it claims to be a cross-platform solution. Nevertheless, customers still feel a little uncomfortable when somebody proposes a .NET Core solution for their non-Windows environment. Nobody doubts that .NET Core can be deployed and run in Azure cloud, but can it also be that easy with a non-Windows environment outside Azure... leer todo ›
Posted on 09.10.2017

A very brief introduction to nominal & structural type systems

Last week I was listening to .NET Rocks #1460. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell were talking with Anders Hejlsberg about TypeScript. At one point Anders Hejlsberg mentioned one thing I was totally ignorant about - structural type system of TypeScript. I did a little bit of research and I’ve learned that type systems can be divided to two major categories - nominal & str... leer todo ›