Project Management

Posted on 12.12.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation effective? Local leadership brought us customer satisfaction.

Markus Rentsch, Business Unit Leader/ Project Manager, Market Unit Switzerland, and Mircea Laich Malutan, Service Unit Leader, SDC Cluj-Napoca (Romania), delivered a complete application migration and UI rework for a well-known Swiss customer. What made their collaboration productive in the first row? Read what they say in interview. Markus, Mircea, you have been cooperating... leer todo ›
Posted on 06.11.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation effective? Closeness through communication and trust.

Interview led by Ivana Mojžišová The collaboration between Ladislav Guniš, Service Unit Leader, Service Delivery Center (SDC) Bratislava, Slovakia and Benjamin Joseph Sarile, Senior Software Developer, SDC Manila, Philippines shows that even though you may not have met in person ever, you can have an efficient cooperation and communication. Read more about the project deliver... leer todo ›
Posted on 25.06.2013

Techniques for sourcing the right solution provider

Devising invitations for large tenders requires broad domain expertise, practical experience and a thorough knowledge of business analysis. Therefore, every procurement project needs a professional tender submission with clearly defined requirements. Failure to do this may mean overall objectives cannot be wholly achieved, as well as a loss of resources and time. This also ap... leer todo ›
Posted on 06.05.2013

Scrum without the buts

Scrum is very simple in theory; however its successful implementation does represent a challenge. The success factors lie both within and outside of the team. The necessary improvements usually comprise process adaptation and the understanding of roles within and outside of the team. Scrumbuts and their causes Along with the success of agile software developmen... leer todo ›
Posted on 22.04.2013

Strategic partnerships create added value

To a growing extent, companies concentrate on their differentiating core competencies. Therefore they outsource specialized engineering and other services to external suppliers. Many forms of collaboration have evolved from this concept. Organizations hire external resources for short-term support; they bring in coaching or consulting experts or they outsource entire projects... leer todo ›
Posted on 11.03.2013

Project Management Office - A central service for agile IT Project Management

Using a PMO to optimally disseminate and supervise project management know-how Projects are the central instrument for driving forward change and innovation in a company. For this reason, the crucial factor of project management know-how should be controlled via a central service unit, similarly to human resources or IT. This function is frequently performed by a... leer todo ›
Posted on 04.02.2013

Optimising nearshore and offshore projects with system engineering

Improving coordination of outsourced development Near and offshoring present major challenges for project coordination. And the more complex the project and the greater the distance between the client and the developers, the more demanding those challenges become. The task is to coordinate the distributed development and integrate it into a structured overall process. The fou... leer todo ›
Posted on 28.01.2013

Agile methods improve communication in nearshoring and offshoring

Scrum & Co simplify complex software projects Innovation cycles are becoming ever shorter. As a result, software projects are increasingly employing agile methods. Scrum, for example, simplifies complex projects that cannot be planned from start to finish: progress and obstacles are recorded daily and communicated, functions are implemented and evaluated on an on-going ba... leer todo ›
Posted on 14.01.2013

Ramp-up phase decisive for nearshoring and offshoring

Speed is a competitive advantage Industrial companies must maintain a rapid pace of innovation – or better yet, increase it. To do so, they must develop and perfect their core competencies continuously, and the software they use is no exception. This is the only way that companies can produce better products in ever shorter product cycles, despite increasingly complex product... leer todo ›
Posted on 05.12.2012

Cloud computing - Improving flexibility and ensuring competitive advantage

Cloud computing provides an unmatched degree of flexibility. However, any company seeking to exploit this advantage must design and operate its solutions appropriately. Experience gathered in connection with providers and users of cloud computing services reveals what is most critical here. Cloud computing offers flexibility with great ease. Two mouse clicks are enough to res... leer todo ›