Posted on 10.01.2018

ERNI Technology Post No. 61: On what should we focus when we implement microservices

Introduction Microservices are becoming a more and more important topic in Software Engineering throughout different industries. They are easy to implement and maintain if done in the right way. A Microservice Architecture is always a distributed system and brings a need to focus on completely different parameters than those of monolithic applications. Deployment monoliths ar... leer todo ›
Posted on 28.11.2017

What makes a shoring cooperation efficient? Talking openly helps to overcome challenges.

Interview led by Ivana Mojžišová Christian Eichenberger, Account Manager at ERNI Switzerland and Ramón Arqué, Service Unit Leader at ERNI Spain have been working together since a half year on a product development for a Swiss based customer. Read more what they appreciate on each other and the cooperation. Christian, Ramón, you have been working together for quite some months... leer todo ›
Posted on 16.10.2017

ERNI Technology Post No. 60: ASP .NET core as an easy cross-platform solution

The .NET Core framework has been here for some time and it claims to be a cross-platform solution. Nevertheless, customers still feel a little uncomfortable when somebody proposes a .NET Core solution for their non-Windows environment. Nobody doubts that .NET Core can be deployed and run in Azure cloud, but can it also be that easy with a non-Windows environment outside Azure... leer todo ›
Posted on 16.06.2017

ERNI Technology Post No. 59: Pragmatic Requirements Documentation

The Agile Manifesto values «working software over comprehensive documentation». While having running software is obviously better than having a perfectly documented yet unimplemented system, the Agile Manifesto does not require having no documentation at all. Thus, the challenge is to document what is required without gold-plating. Know your audience We need to know who is... leer todo ›
Posted on 06.03.2017

ERNI Technology Post No. 58: The Business Analyst’s Role in Business Process Management

Abstract What Business Analysts (BAs) do nowadays varies by the size and type of company and the line of business the position reports to – IT or Business. Moreover, within organisations, employees performing business analysis tasks have various job titles – Business System Analyst, Data Analyst, Management Consultant, Process Analyst or Requirements Engineer, just to name a... leer todo ›
Posted on 12.12.2016

ERNI Technology Post No. 57: .NET Core – open for extension, open for modification

Open sourcing Microsoft .NET was definitely the biggest IT news of 2015. And in 2016, the experience of open source .NET became a reality, representing an opportunity for many projects. .NET Core .NET Core is a general purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community as an open source project at GitHub. It extends the success of .NET to multiple pla... leer todo ›
Posted on 28.09.2016

ERNI Technology Post No. 56: Reality beyond the screen with Microsoft Hololens

Improving reality with Microsoft HoloLens Microsoft HoloLens is a brand new kind of device that allows us to create Mixed Reality experiences. While Virtual Reality completely occludes our real world with a computer-generated one and Augmented Reality adds computer information on top of our reality, Mixed Reality is able to “know” the environment and create interactions betwe... leer todo ›
Posted on 13.06.2016

ERNI Technology Post No. 55: Digital Innovation: LEARN, MEASURE and then BUILD

The future isn’t coming. It is already here… it just isn't evenly distributed… yet! The business world is being hit with a wave of changes and technical advances that are quickly forcing many changes. Digital Transformation is an umbrella term that attempt to capture these initiatives. Digital Industry, Digital Marketing, Digital Banking, Digital Everything! So the biggest qu... leer todo ›
Posted on 21.03.2016

ERNI Technology Post No. 54: AngularJS: A complete client-side solution for ERNI Info App

What is ERNI Info App? The Info App is a web application optimised for mobile devices that provides employees with access to information about their company and their work environment while on the move. This information is typical of what would be represented on a company intranet. The Info App serves as a central hub, directing employees to use internal applications, media o... leer todo ›
Posted on 24.11.2015

ERNI Technology Post No. 53: Semantic logging: Log what you mean

Tracing, an essential part of software applications, demands a solid logging strategy. This TechLetter describes what aspects of logging are needed to have a beneficial impact on software quality. Why do these applications exist? Applications exist to provide value for their users. We often narrow the term "users" to end users. Users are all entities interacting with the appl... leer todo ›