Posted on 02.10.2013

ERNI Technology Post No. 44 - Focus on automated UI testing

The user interface (UI) is a particularly suitable point for hooking into a system with test methods and test activities. Not only does it provide access to the entire system – from data to processes, logic and display – but it also reduces all of this to the part that is relevant for the user. UI testing is thus a test of the entire system and reveals those errors that are e... lire la suite ›
Posted on 21.01.2013

Test Management enhances cost benefits in nearshoring and offshoring

Higher product quality, fewer project risks Tight resources and rising cost pressures are two of the most important reasons why more and more companies are developing their software through nearshore and offshore projects. When outsourcing development work abroad, it is a good idea to optimise test management at the same time (see Fig. 1). Improvements to the test process not... lire la suite ›
Posted on 28.11.2012

Efficient IT Process Improvement - Continuous integration streamlines the development process

Continuous integration boosts efficiency by enabling automation as well as early and regular testing and has become the preferred approach for large projects. Now organisations are working to achieve ongoing improvements in this proven process. At the same time, increasing numbers of small teams are also focusing on continuous integration. Nowadays, anyone involved in large,... lire la suite ›
Posted on 05.11.2012

Soft skills - Reduce costs and successfully implement complex projects

Migration projects, which aim to prepare a company for the years ahead, require a great deal of specific knowledge. Thereby, productive inter-exchange between specialists over the entire project duration is essential if projects are to succeed. For this reason, employees with the required soft skills to initiate this communication between specialists undoubtedly belong in the... lire la suite ›
Posted on 29.10.2012

Detect errors earlier with quality gates – Great efficiency potential in the debugging process

The earlier that errors are detected, the lower the cost of correcting them. This is why formal checks are essential starting in the early phases of development projects. Only ten years ago, the significance of testing was still not very widely recognised. Since then, however, things have changed. Comprehensive tests that are typically automated are now the normal practice. A... lire la suite ›
Posted on 22.10.2012

Test cost estimation and nearshoring – improve test quality and lower costs

As the complexity of new software increases, testing is likewise becoming more important. At the same time, companies are experiencing time and cost pressures. Test cost estimation and nearshoring are two very different strategies which can be used to overcome these challenges. Both reduce costs while simultaneously raising quality. Fig. 1: Relationship between test and err... lire la suite ›